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Category : FYI

  • Considering nCOVID-19 has reached Kauai, we are taking steps to address a few business concerns. Our main concern is our employees who take care of the stores, day in and day out. We tried to maintain a safe workplace, while ensuring the continuity of business operations. We no longer feel that this is viable and have closed our stores until further notice. We are grateful that all of our employees are healthy and would like them to stay that way.

During this time, we will be monitoring our email, Social Media and messaging. If there is something you wanted to purchase but did not have the chance before the stores closed, please feel free to reach out. We can ship and/or setup a pickup.

To all of our customers, we would like to say it has been a great pleasure serving you through the years. We hope to continue this relationship. With great reverence and respect we wish you all the best and hope you stay healthy during this time.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to say a huge MAHALO to the nurses and doctors who are taking care of the sick, and to the truckers, Post Office and shipping companies for keeping food on our shelves. To all of those unsung heroes who are still working to make our lives better we thank you.